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All classes are available in your own home or via Zoom

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Welcome to this one hour class where we will release the tension of the day and prepare for a great night's sleep. 


Classes will begin with some gentle stretching, connecting with our breath and our intention....​more


Babies know how to relax but somehow, as we grow up, we forget! Restorative Yoga reminds you how to unwind and let go of the stress of the day....​more

Baby Sleeping
Mother Doing Yoga with Baby

Prenatal yoga classes are for all you moms- to- be out there. These classes will help you connect with your baby and your body, preparing you for childbirth and beyond. Each week we will explore poses which can help with the special demands pregnancy puts ...more


Meditation can produce a state of deep  relaxation and a calm mind. Many successful business people and celebrities such as Oprah, Sting and Steve Jobs have stated that they owe much of their success to a regular meditation practice....more

Senior Couple Meditating
Meditating by the Pool

If you’re new to yoga or would like to try small classes where you can receive more individual guidance, this is the place for you. We will move slowly with lots of direction and demonstration so that you can learn at your own pace and be sure you’re practicing safely and to your own limits...more  

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