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Benefits of Yoga

If you look around the internet, you will see hundreds of articles talking about the amazing benefits of yoga and meditation. Here is my top ten:

Improves your flexibility:  this doesn’t mean you will necessarily be able to touch your toes but it will mean your body moves more easily and smoothly and you’ll be less likely to get injured doing everyday things.

Builds muscle strength: yoga uses your own body for resistance in many cases and you will feel yourself getting stronger and leaner. A bonus is that muscles use more calories so many people find they lose weight with a regular practice.

Boosts your immune system: it has been widely reported that a regular practice will help you fight off seasonal germs. This could be because of the improved blood flow, more effective breathing or a combination of all the benefits of class.

Helps you focus: during a class, you will find you concentrate on your breathing, balance, the pose, the teacher’s voice. All these elements help you to focus outside class too.

Helps you handle the stresses of everyday life: knowing how to relax and focus on your breathing will subconsciously give you tools to deal with the ups and downs of life.

Improves your balance: as we get older, balance becomes an issue for everyone. In class, we practice balancing poses to counteract this.

Protects your spine and keeps your discs supple: the movements and increased blood flow keep your discs plump and juicy while the strengthening of the supporting muscles protects your back from injury.

Benefits your relationships: practice with a friend or loved one. Not only will you have a shared activity, but you will both feel the benefits of the endorphin rush!

Helps you sleep: yoga – and especially a restorative practice – has been shown to help you fall asleep and stay asleep longer. We all do better after a good night’s sleep.

Makes you happier: If all the benefits above apply, how could you NOT be happier!

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