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What makes YOU healthy?

This past week I have been talking to people about what helps them stay healthy. For some people this is all about diet or physical exercise and I get that. But, we have also been talking about mental health and the role yoga, medtiation and breathwork can play in that.

Wednesday July 24th was "America Meditates' day and I was lucky enough to be able to teach a restorative class that evening at Shaka Power Yoga. We explored a few different kinds of meditation including a fun eating meditation!

The humble cherry tomato can taste pretty incredible if you just take the time to savor it. Maybe try taking a few extra minutes next time you're eating - really smell and taste your food and wait before taking the next bite... slow down and smell the strawberries!

This week was also my first ever workshop event. Tara Lehr, who is a representative for Young Living, worked with me to plan and present a session at Shaka Power Yoga. Over two hours on Saturday afternoon, participants experienced some long held restorative poses partnered with complementary essential oils. We ended with a yoga nidra and sent everyone home feeling very mellow and smelling great!!!

Thanks to everyone who has explored this week's theme with me both at Shaka and Kita Chi. To me, the final sentence on my inspiration sheet has been the most significant this week - "Health does not always come from medicine. It comes from laughter and love'.

Wishing you a week filled with lots of both!

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