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'To do or not to do' to paraphrase The Bard

This past couple of weeks I've been adding classes to my schedule and getting used to the new routine. I'm a big fan of 'To Do' lists but it's been getting so that I've been so busy with the new classes and my main/day job that the lists have been taking over!

It was great to spot this post and capture the image to carry around for a week as a reminder to stop and smell the coffee!

We're all guilty of rushing from one activity or task to another without taking the time to really appreciate the wonderful moments that are happening around us. How often do we stop and think about all the highlights of our days and give ourselves credit for our achievements?

One of the elements of my classes that I love is the space we carve out for ourselves during savasana. It's a time to assimilate the movements we have just worked through but also a time to allow the focus to come back to the breath. I usually end my classes by reminding people to thank themselves for taking the time out of their day to come to class being mindful that there is always the option to crash out on the sofa!!

Next time you find yourself overwhelmed by all the items on your 'To Do' list, why not take a moment to flip the page and make a 'To Be' list. Even if it's just a goal for the hour of your class, you can choose to step away from the madness and ..... just be.....

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