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Embrace your imperfections

Welcome to my first weekly post, where I plan to share what's been going on in my classes this week and let you know about anything exciting coming up!

Those of you who have been in one of my classes this week will have seen the printout to the left. My theme for the week was 'Embrace your Imperfections', and I found this great quotation I could carry with me for inspiration. I printed it from my phone and as you can see, when I went to collect it as I headed out on Saturday morning, the left hand column got cut off... I decided this was probably the universe testing my resolve to embrace imperfections, and I carried my quote proudly all week!

The BIG thing this week was the end of our Reboot challenge at Shaka Power Yoga. 20 classes in 31 days sounded pretty easy - until I started doing it!! But I was determined, and along with my SPY Ohana, I made it! Today we had a celebration brunch after an especially sweaty class!

In my active classes this week, we've been having fun experimenting with moon salutations and balancing on blocks. We decided moon salutations were not our favorites, but you don't know if you don't try!! Balancing on soft blocks was interesting because you could see exactly how you were distributing your weight - all in the heels for me!

It looks like we've gained a few new restorative fans after the reboot challenge, which is wonderful! I love it when someone 'finds' restorative. Everyone needs a way to relax, and nothing makes me happier than watching a new student settle, let go and begin to breathe slowly and evenly... :)

This week I've also been chatting to the Towne Lake recreation folks about offering some classes up at the Lakehouse for residents. The schedule is pretty crowded, but we might look at doing something on a Sunday... a few people have asked about restorative on a Sunday afternoon which might work... just have to factor in what I do when football starts back up! LOL!

This coming week is going to be busy: I am subbing kids' classes Thursday @ 5.30pm and Sunday @ 9am at Shaka Power Yoga as well as my usual classes. I might need my own restorative class after that!

My wonderful web master, Darren, has added a sign-up tab to the website today. We're learning as we go with the wix program :) If you'd like to sign up for a weekly newsletter from me, here's your chance! When I hit 30 sign ups, I will draw a name for a free class - remember, I can come to you or you can come to my little studio and do yoga with the dog!

Have a great week everyone! Remember, don't let anyone dim your light! SHINE BRIGHT!

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